My office tried to burn down.

Read all about it here: Building Fills With Smoke, Trapping Office Workers

From an email I just sent my folks:
"No fire or smoke on the 11th floor when we started evacuating. Smoke got denser in the stairwell as we went down, until on the 5th floor people wouldn't go any further. So we end up running around the 5th floor for a bit, until someone finds a stairwell at the edge of the building that isn't smoky and tells us to go that way. Those neon "exit" signs, something you generally ignore, were VERY helpful. On the fifth floor, some people were hustling, but no one was panicking,surprisingly. It was quite smoky near the center but better near the edges of the building -- when someone told us to go to the stairs near the outside edge of the building, I just ran... everyone else was doing that half-run thing when you are in a hurry but want to maintain your dignity. Luckily I have none so I tore past lots of people was the first person to the outer stairwell. I ran down 5 more flights of stairs to the ground and got outside, then I ran back into the parking garage to get my bike, and then I got outta there and came home. "

Anyway, this had nothing to do with cycling or skiing, but it's not every day you get to be in an office fire. I think I get the rest of the day off from work now.


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