Dirty Sandbaggers

It's raining and it's tax day. Should I do my taxes or should I program stuff for fun? Hmmmm...

Ok, ok, so I did the sandbagger search page on crossresults.com. I was hoping it would be enlightening, and the results were... somewhat interesting.

1) Some people are showing up on the list because they crush everyone at the highest level (Tim Johnson, Lyne Bessette)

2) There's a bunch of guys who are consistently at the top of B men in New England who don't want to move up (Pete Smith, Damien Colfer, Nathaniel Ward, Hunter Pronovost, Gary Douville,
Andrew Boone) to ride As.

3) There are some A masters that are so fast they would be fine in A men (Johnny Bold, Mike Yozell).

4) There's "Feltslave" whose blog I read and will be moving up a category next year.

5) There are some other random folks, like Cub Juniors and fast chicks.

What does it all mean?!

I don't know. I for one don't really care about "sandbagging," I just like pushing around numbers. No matter what you say about people you think are sandbagging, the bottom line is that you're complaining about someone riding fast. Which is kind of weak.

Part of me thinks those guys tearing up Verge B's every week should man up and get crushed by Tim Johnson next year instead of picking on poor fools like me. But on the other hand, it's good motivation. I don't want to get better because the fast guys don't race me anymore. I want to get better because I'm faster.


josh said…
i hear ya. nothing like a good shelling to motivate ya.
Anonymous said…
Most of us stinky sandbaggers in fact spent this past weekend in Gloucester huffing sand behind Tim Johnson et al, as suggested ;-)And for perspective's sake, keep your eye on cats as they move up. Sure, some will hold their own with the pros, turn pro, whatever. On the other hand, there are many, many former B race winners getting lapped in the elite field on any given weekend in races all over the country. We's all pretty well just fish in a bowl, anyhow. Some fast fish, some slow fish, but we's all swimming.

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