Sometimes, you might want to race your bike, but instead you have to go up to Maine and tend to goats. These things happen.

It turned out to be worth the trip for two reasons -- first, I forgot how much I enjoy the simple pleasure of cursing at obstinate animals, and second, I was still tired on Saturday from doing hill repeats with Ann Hansgate thursday.

Gee Colin, why did you put a results link on Ann's name? That's not a blog. Well, go to that page and search for her name and you'll see why it took my three days to recover from riding Eastern Ave. with her. If you don't believe me, here's another.

Also, I upped the bike nerdom another notch (surely we're nearing 11 by now) with the head to head page on Linked is a comparison of me against some other Cat 4 all-stars/blog readers. This definitely proves... something. Other than that I have too much time on my hands, I mean.


josh said…
matt needs to upgrade

and my 74th was the result of a flat tire and a lot of a full laps worth. nothing quite as fun as getting passed by like 50 ppl while running.....
gewilli said…
simpson is a 3 now... btw

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