Pain and code

I think I'm drifting into a level of stat-nerdery that even the type of people who look at in the summer might not appreciate. But I did it anyway. Based on my own arbitrary system my scalp was worth 370 points at the end of last year, which is better than gewilli (425), josh (556) and zank (407) but worse than ryank (284), TP&HASS (295), and feltslave (346).

Phew, with that much linking and name-dropping I'm sure to get someone to pay attention, right? Even if I am just making up stats now.

The reason I'm inside writing php on a lovely Saturday (just kidding, it's raining) is that I crushed my calf riding at the fells last night. I was testing out my new Reba Race (which I installed myself and had to resist blogging about, since no one cares except me) and I fell/dismounted clumsily, which wasn't so bad except that one of my legs came flying up for some reason and smacked my seatpost directly at the thickest part of my calf. This was about 2.3 seconds after I mocked Alex for failing to ride something so it was definitely karma-related.

Now it's a monster bruise that hurts like hell whenever I flex my calf, which is a problem since I'm theoretically racing 2-3 hours tomorrow out in Dalton. It actually feels just like I have wicked cramp in my leg, but I can't stretch it out since it's actually a bruise.

So, coding it is today! Check out crossresults for my work.


josh said…
im confused about how you come up with these things, but i always come out sucking.....oh wait, i did suck last year.
gewilli said…
i dunno most of my true sucking came from the hands of the wicked fast masters... once the promoters started offering a 3/4 race for us B Masters i faired better...

Did you use the race times as an indicator? IF so the Master's field was pretty much just about as fast as the A races... not that i'm complaining... i had fun... screw the results and rankings (although i will say they are wicked cool and extremely motivating for next year)...

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