Attending a Bike Wedding

Ok, so this blog has been pretty quiet for a while. It's because I've been adhering two my own two "rules of blogging" -- 1, Don't blog when you have nothing to say and 2, Don't blog when you don't have time to do a decent job.

So I haven't finished a race in 7 seven weeks (see rule #1) and I spent this past weekend moving into a new apartment (#2). So I've had more pressing concerns, like getting some freakin blinds up in my room since you can see straight into it from the street.

Anyway, I also attended Justin's wedding last Saturday. Ordinarily going to a wedding is not a bike-blog-worthy event, but in this case Justin is a big biker (well as much as singlespeeders can be called bikers...) and the event featured a "bike procession" (precession?) after the ceremony, where probably 40 people rode mostly beater bikes 3 miles from the church to the reception. Highlights included...
A homemade recumbent tandem where the riders point opposite directions...

A bike with 36 inch wheels....

and of course, bride and groom on a tandem!

Note nifty rope keeping Stacey's dress out of the wheel. I'm not sure about the kid(s) in the trailer but I don't think they're theirs -- unless I reaaaaally missed something.

Anyway, I'm sure it's not the first biking wedding event, but it's the first one I've ever been to, and it was cool. Another "action shot" from inside the caravan:

And check out the crazy double-cassette action on the recumbent:
As you can see I'm far more interested in the recumbent tandem than I am in, say, looking respectable. Linnea and I took a test drive -- I would describe it as "squirrely." Sorry about that cut on your leg, Linnea...

Recently I hooked up Google Analytics on this blog because I have a thing for numbers. The results were surprising to say the least. Here's the map for visitors in the last ten days:
Would you believe that the second most common visitor location is Syracuse? And freakin' Anchorage cracked the top ten? I guess I have Jess and Laura to thank for that, and I guess that means I might actually have some nordic readers.

Blogging about your own blog might be the lamest thing in the world so I'll quit now.

In other, less visual, news, since I now live just 1 mile away from the Fells in Teele Square I decided that instead of doing boring old road intervals I would go do some MTB intervals at the Fells tonight. I learned a few things --

1) There are too many people in the Fells to hammer for 3 minutes on a mountain bike. Next time I need a quality workout, I guess I have to go back to Eastern Ave.
2) It might seem pretty light out, but you're always just a broken chain and some clumsy attempts at fixing it away from riding in the dark.
3) Once you put a chain back together, you better make sure you got the pins centered perfectly, unless you want to break it again next time you stand up.
4) I need a new chain.


Matt Simpson said…
Was the ceremony static or was the priest an active participant? Damn, sounds like a sweet event....if you end up with any hits from SA you can thank me...
Jess said…
Haha I'm such a stalker!
Colin R said…
Jess -- It tracks visitors, not hits, so unless you've been on like 30 different computers in Syracuse (not Rochester) then it's not just you been a creepy stalker. Which isn't to say you aren't a creepy stalker. Who stalks.

But seriously, your blog has more fans than I think you know -- is my #1 referrer -- 40 referrals in the last 13 days.

Madness I tells you.
Jess said…
Hmm... I didn't think I had all that much traffic to my site. I'm going to try and get google analytics going on my blog now.

And I don't know what the deal with all the Syracuse visitors is. I mean, I didn't think that anyone from Syracuse skied or biked or did anything besides talk about the big mall they have in their city.
What I Think said…
Does the tandem actually go in one direction (forwards or .... forwards), or do the two pedalars cancel each other out?
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
I'm seriously interested in the back to back tandem. Can you tell me more about it or how to contact its owner?

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