Crosshype: A Video Compilation

I have so much time when I'm too sick to ride! It's kind of cool in a way. I put together some footage from the last few weeks. It's no todcast, but hey, what is?


CTodd said…
{{sniff}} so proud!
josh said…
well done, are ya gonna continue filming at races ?
Colin R said…
yeah, i will film more, it's hard to run around and get good film prerace but then afterward when i capture the video i'm always like... dammit why didn't i take more video

josh i hope you recognized yourself in the sandpit at southington.
josh said…
of course. was that shot during the warm up laps though?

I did see myself a bit later on as well...
Colin R said…
nope, that clip is from lap 1 of the race.

there's that clip of you on the rideup at southington... and probably in the start clips too, although damned if i can find you. you're much easier to pick out once you start the packslide :)

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