Tuesday Night Worlds: Just like last year

Ok, a brief race report before the real Jay Challenge report. I was thinking about pretending this one never happened, but if Alex is gonna bust out race reports about the regular Weston debacle then I will too.

I was still sore from Jay (yes, 3 days later) and warmed up pretty meekly. It was definitely one of those days where you are halfway defeated on the start line. But whatever, sometimes my body shows up when I least expect it.

The start was the typical cluster, I was feeling stubborn so I moved up gradually on the outside instead of elbowing my way into the draft. Everything seemed ok at this point, after the first loop I slid into 5th or so, no worries right?

Somewhere along the line Aaron Blazar snuck up in front of me, and made his intentions of blowing up spectacularly pretty clear. So I had to get back around him before the inevitable detonation, which I did, but right as I cleared that obstacle some dude I didn't know got to the front of the group and the pace skyrocketed.

I got dropped in half a lap. One minute I was drafting Rob Bradlee, then suddenly the gap doubles and I'm going hard to close it... I get back to him but before I know it the gap is open again... go hard to close it... it opens again and my brain decides this just can't work for 3 more laps.

And that was it. A few minutes of damage control saw me get passed by a trailing group of 3 and the settle into no-man's land with Alex and Anna disturbingly close behind. I got my act back together enough to hold them off, but the whole thing was a pretty big disappointment. Oh well, nothing you can do except reactively overtrain and get smoked even worse next week, right?


Alex said…
Writing race reports about training races (one step up from writing about training, which I've been known to do) is part of my progression to a true blaster. Plus, I was only 20 seconds back from you, so clearly I was having a better race than the past couple ones.
gewilli said…

reactively over train...

ya know. Colin, it sounds like you are getting old. You should try rest days more often.

esp if you want to pretend ya are a racer and stuff...
solobreak said…
You know Ge, I used to read your posts about chasing gumbies on the commute and sprinting up hills with the trailer and all that nonsense and think "this guy is so f'n clueless." This morning I had an epiphany when I realized Gewilli is just the "King of Fartlek." Enjoy your new crown and wear it with pride.

Colin, I'm looking forward to seeing you more in road races this year.
ablazar said…
Glad to see I am getting so much love in all the nordic ski blogs on the Weston Sprints... I am definitely going straight to the front at the beginning of next weeks race too
Colin R said…
blazar -- feel free to crash out alex when you are going backwards on lap 2 next week, it would be nice to not have to worry about where she is when i blow up.

solo -- you know i just converted my road bike into that commuting monstrosity, right?
solobreak said…
Perfect excuse to get a new road bike..

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