Stupid Mapping Tricks

Hey, is that a map of every cross race in New England, with circles indicating the amount of participants??




I guess this means ski season is over.

I just hope you break the monotony of funny cyclocross race reports with funny bike-commuting rants. That's where my cycling heart is these days.
Colin R said…
Quite the contrary, my friend. 2 ski races left for me. I just like playing with maps.
Excellent. It's not quite time to start rolling, when there's still gliding to be done.
megA said…
this is awesome, but when i try to make it bigger, i get errors. is it my safari browser?

Colin R said…
meg - if you click on it, it SHOULD go to a blank page with a button that says "refresh map" -- if you click that you should get the map.

if that doesn't work then it's possibly a browser thing. i've never really tested safari with ...(oops?)
Steve said…
Safari didn't love that map. Firefox was diggin' it. Cool map -- motivational in a sick and twisted kinda way.
Colin R said…
Crap. Fscking Microsoft and their nonstandard maps. I bet Google Maps work on Safari....

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