Northampton Day 2 Videos

I actually can't put up the middle of the race (lap 3-5) until next week because I hit the vimeo upload limit. Whoops.

Northampton Seat Cam 2/3 Men Laps 1-3 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Lap 3 contains my awesome barrier pirouette that Richard Fries severely understated as a "bobble." What happened is that I flipped the bike out to the side and hooked the front wheel on the wrong side of a stake, and had to spin 360 degrees while running to get it out.

Northampton Cyclocross 2/3 Men Laps 6&7 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Lap 6 has Pat Goguen's barrier crash and Jon Bernhard's derailleur explosion (guess I was wrong about that breaking up the group!), Lap 7 has Ryan Rumsey's barrier crash and the final sprint, complete with me being a drama queen afterward. Both barrier crashes only have the audio and aftermath visible.

Race report revision: I watched the full video and the group splintered when a Verge guy (Sean Mannion I think?) had to put a foot down on the rideup and him and the four guys behind him all bottlenecked.


matt said…
the collapse was over the top. if you have the sense at that point to ham it up... you know what's coming... you went riding hard enough.

you should get another camera for the front and run the two videos side by side.
gewilli said…
oh the front and rear simultaneous views would be sooooo kick ass
G-ride said…
Tosca was well rugged up for that race. He even had mittens on. No wonder he didn't win. Too hot.

I also love how you fell at the end conveniently in camera view...Colin's crotch post race, that is what we live for.

Man, you guys ripped off to a huge gap in no time! What was up with that?

Also love how damn FAST the eventual winner (guy in red, nicholson or whoever) went blowing past you. Geez! Good call on letting him go.

Solid race dude, very solid. Better watch out cause you are scoring upgrade points...
Colin R said…
Like I said, we got off the front FAST thanks to the fact that James Patterson is the best technical rider I've ever ridden behind. Shows you how much elite cornering skills are worth, huh?

Not that I could've done that on my own, as I was terrified of the lines we were on.

I swear I didn't fall in front of the camera on purpose.

I know about the upgrade points. I've said all along that if I win one of these, I'm upgrading, but now I'm thinking I might have to upgrade before a win. We'll see.
G-ride said…
if you upgrade, make sure to switch the camera to front mount. just saying...

oooh SNAP! as eyebob would say.

I would apologize right here for that remark, but that would make it less funny.
Toby said…
Colin, I agree. The front and rear Camera's would be tight. Of course a left and right would help give the complete race experience. (Esp at those sprint finishes as you mentioned)

I'm thinking that you should start a collection pool from your viewers to raise money for a second camera.
megA said…
1) I can't wait until you win a B race so I can start calling you a sandbagger.

2) stop working and start blogging. . .slacker

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