Ice Weasels Course Preview

Boston got two inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Tomorrow's high is 30. I got up at 5:30 today and it was still pouring. Heading down to the Ice Weasels course, I was expecting the worst -- a small lake that could potentially freeze for tomorrow, or perhaps a sea of mud so soggy it wouldn't freeze, just become unrideable.

My fears were completely misplaced. The dense grass in the field ATE UP that rain like it was no problem. After building the course today, I would say that already 85% of it is "fast" and only 15% is "soggy." With humidity dropping along with the temps, I would expect tomorrow to be completely dry and quite possibly frozen solid. This thing is gonna be fast.

So while you might live in a place that just declared a state of emergency, you might not have power, the fields outside might be covered with ice -- GET DOWN HERE tomorrow morning because the riding is gonna be GOOD, you don't need mud tires or studded tires or whatever else you were worried about.


Anonymous said…
dude. i'm sorry. we lost power in maine along with 250K others. had to take care of our 10wks old... felt crappity about it all day. hope a buncha folks came out and supported ye, and that you make this a yearly thing.
van den kombs said…
great job on the race !!
hopefully you guys are getting some well deserved rest :)
solobreak said…
It only ended six hours ago and already Ice Weasels is on the books as a historic day in New England cross. I heard there was some crappy race out in Kansas today too. Those suckas don't know what they missed. Great fucking job kids! Ice Weasels rocked.
mkr said…
Awesome event and a super fun end to the season. I'm beat today for sure though. Thanks a ton!

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