Outta Here

Since this blog is mainly rearward-facing I didn't yet mention that I'm heading to New Zealand for two weeks, starting tomorrow. Since I only do vacations involving bike races, Linnea and I will be hitting the 2nd-ever New Zealand Cyclocross National Championships while we're down there. Since it's late winter/early spring, the riding should be perfectly miserable preparation for the cold and rainy cross season we won't have.

Posting frequency here will either go way up or way down, depending on how much internet access I can get and how much awesome stuff we do.


Unknown said…
$15? that's awesome!
Colin R said…
Notice how the schedule goes:

"First Race"
"Second Race"

B masters get no respect over there I tells ya!
Luke S said…
Snow Farm?
Do they say "awesome!" in New Zealand, or something else? If so, this is that.
solobreak said…
Is there an old Zealand?
Cathy said…
Where in En Zed are you going? I LOVED it there when I went on vaca many moons ago... Have fun!
Anonymous said…
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