Mercer Cup Day 2 Cams

Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to this party purely to see what Dave does when he's not beating me on a bike... cuz, you know, I've never seen that before.

I think I finally maxed out the internet in my life. I've had a half-edited picture-in-picture Northampton video sitting here for a week now. I didn't get around to seat-camming Mercer Day 2 until Thursday night because I was busy with results/shirts/blogs/fantasy nordic. This is not a "pity me and my million web projects" blog post... I just want you to understand. I wanted to make videos, really I did.

Anyway. This one is pretty nice visually. No commentary this time around, but it's got two classic techno tracks, a great crash (9:00), high quality, and picture-in-picture. Fullscreen it for the full experience... maybe not if you're watching at work.

I had to use IMovie for this one to do the P-in-P, and I gotta say, Apple tries really hard to make stuff simple and intuitive in their apps. That's great when it works, and maddening when it doesn't. WHY DOES EVERY SINGLE OPERATION HAVE TO BE CLICK/DRAG ARGHHHH WHY DOES IT AUTOPLAY ANY CLIP MY MOUSE GOES OVER ARGHHHHH.

Ok, I'm done.


Fantastic! The second angle is too cool. I hope you keep doing the p-in-p thing. What was up with that first dismount - just traffic around the hairpin turn?
rick is! said…
man, if I were into watching asses in spandex I'd be burning the first 5 minutes onto dvd for some ME time.

Those traffic jambs must be maddening!
EyeBob said…
Colin, where are the crowds? Jeesh, seems like family and friends only at teh event.
Keith said…
doh! missed the party. should have been reading the blog at work.
Keith said…
The whole weekend I could not stop thinking Rick Dees was announcing.

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