Cross Vegas Video

I am not cool enough to go to Vegas, but Linnea is. I gave her the camera, with instructions to generate me some non-embarrassing blog content, since all I have is videos of me getting dropped by Cary.

This is her contribution:

Cross Vegas Elite Women Lap 1 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

I stayed up until 1:30 AM watching the live/broken video feed from cyclingdirt. One of the highlights was her coming up over the barriers, getting cheered on by Richard Fries, and then botching a remount with the camera focused on her. I asked about it and got this response:

"I was like, "oh god there's a crazy person on the wrong side of the barriers" and got distracted."

In case you forgot, Linnea rides for Embrocation Cycling Journal, which is a true cycling brand, not like my thing, which is mainly a website with a server that catches fire on Mondays.

I will go fight a fire now, enjoy the video. No, I don't know where you're staging at Gloucester yet.


G-ride said…
god, this years footage is FANTASTIC! Did the new camera come with a decent mount, cause its GREAT! How do you mount that far back on the stem and not get smacked by the giant camera, though?
Big Bikes said…
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Big Bikes said…
I saw that bobble, it was awesome.

I think it was Tim Johnson's fault. She should have interrupted his interview and demanded an apology.

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That's not OK.


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