Hodges Village Dam Race Report

A week late, just like I promised!

Actually there is no race report at all. It was pouring rain, I had no legs, and was on pace for three hours of racing. I recognized that flogging myself and my bike for 3 hours to get last place was not conducive to what I really care about (smashing Great Glen the following weekend), so I dropped out with zero remorse.

Jay Mueller properly epic-ified my experience with this picture, which is really the reason I decided to post anything at all.
"Heyyyyy, that sucked"


Cathy said…
You were the smart one. I raced for over 3 hours, seized my back, wore though the brake pads on my bike so the wheel wouldn't turn freely, and took forever to recover. Fun? I don't think so!

Good job at 24HOGG!
Bramhall said…
So I was REALLY, REALLY hoping there was going to be barcam of this race so I could watch it and see what I could have done better considering this was the first time I ever really tried to ride a mountain bike fast against people.
Then I heard you pulled the plug and was hoping there'd be a good story.
Now I'm just bummed.

On the upside, my capcha word for posting this comment is "hanes." Pants, apparently, are inescapable.

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