Datamining Crossresults - Part 2

Round two of the datamining series was delayed by the decision the tile my shower. Much like bike racing, tiling a shower is a surprisingly long exercise in frustration that leaves you mildly satisfied when the dust clears. But I digress. One stat I missed from last time was "biggest overall race day." You won't be surprised to see the race series at the top of the chart...

Largest Race Days
RankDateRaceTotal Racers
110/03/2010Cross Crusade: Alpenrose Dairy1482
210/16/2011Cross Crusade #31476
310/02/2011Cross Crusade #11466
410/04/2009Cross Crusade #11434
510/24/2010Cross Crusade: Portland International Raceway1323
2811/13/2011MFG #6 Woodland Park888
3110/01/2011Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 1828

Turns out you have to go all the way down to 28th to find a non-Cross Crusade race on the list, and 31st to find a non-Pacific Northwest race. They basically do Gloucester EVERY WEEKEND in Portland.

On the flip side, here's the smallest races we've ever seen:

Smallest Race Days
DateRaceTotal Racers
11/11/2008Jaarmarktcross Niel (GvA Trofee #2)10
10/04/2009Officially Unofficial Illinois State Cyclocross Single Speed Championship12
10/13/2011Cross at the College12
10/20/2011Cross at the College16
01/09/2010Belgian National Championships17
01/11/2009Dutch Cyclo-cross Championship18
02/03/2010Parkcross Maldegem19
01/15/2012KnoxVelo CX #319
01/14/2012KnoxVelo CX #220

Some fun stuff here. Jaarmarktcross appears to be partial results from a race in Europe (or THE HARDEST RACE IN EUROPE, EVER) since last place is Kevin Pauwels. The Officially Unofficial Illinois SSCX Champs... yeah, with a name like that, you know some weird stuff happened. The other hundred racers in the event probably DNF'ed due to alcohol poisoning.

Next we've got some rinky-dink training races in Oregon (but they have results on, so they COUNT, DAMMIT!) and some rinky-dinky National Championships from the two best cyclocrossing countries in the world.

As for the KnoxVelo series... maybe Tennessee just isn't ready for January 'cross, just yet. But I applaud you for trying!

But enough about races. Let's talk about RACERS.

One of the most lovable features on crossresults is the NEMESIS/VICTIM display, based on a totally made-up statistic called a "defeat." A defeat, of course, is when you beat someone by ten or fewer places, making yourself TOTALLY ANNOYING because you were SO CLOSE.

What if we change the definition of "defeat" to "beating someone, once, by any margin, as long as you both finished the race?" (I made up the stat, so I can change the definition whenever I want) Who DEFEATED the most people in the last 12 months?

The guy at the top of this list is a true legend of the sport, the busiest racer in the game, often appearing in multiple races on the same day and sometimes even multiple events, in different states, on the same day... the one...the only...UNKNOWN RIDER!

(Waits for applause to die down)

Most Unique Defeats, Last 12 months, Men
RacerUnique Defeats
? ?801
Craig Etheridge704
Jerry Troiano689
Gregg Rice609
Alexander Bremer604
Edwin Bagley603
Edward Gadient596
Philip Stango592
Timothy Durrin592
Chandler Delinks590

To get on this list, you need to finish at the front regularly, but you also need to MOVE AROUND a lot. Just dominating the same hundred guys week in and week out isn't enough -- you need to jump fields, or even better, regions, to find fresh blood.

No one did this better than Craig Etheridge, Raleigh's sponsored sandbagging singlespeeding machine, who got sent to EVERY USGP to bring a SS beatdown to the locals, and also won CrossVegas, and also won both the SS race and 2/3 race ALL THREE days of the Cincy C3 weekend.

Apparently the only people safe from Craig's wrath were folks with UCI licenses. AHEM.

In second place we have Jerry Troiano, who took a more traditional route to beating lots of people -- racing fast in the Mid Atlantic and New England, and upgrading to Cat 3 in the middle of season. If you're a Cat 3 or Cat 4 on the East Coast, Jerry probably beat you at some point last year.

Third place, Gregg Rice, one of the benefactors of the epically-sized Masters 35+ C races in the Cross Crusade that we talked about last time. Winning one of those was worth over 200 defeats -- and while Gregg didn't win, or even come close, he branched out into Singlespeed and traveled a lot, at least for a Pacific Northwest guy. His 609 unique defeats put him well behind the top two, but leading the pack of the rest.

The two New England guys on this list were both fast mid-level New Englanders who also did a fair bit of travel. In addition to feeding on the fat, 150-rider Amateur Men's fields in New England, Chandler regularly hit local 1/2/3 races, traveled to USGPs, and Nationals, all in his quest to be the most prolific and annoying man around. Durrin, meanwhile, started as a Cat 4, beat everyone, moved to cat 3, beat almost everyone, and threw in most of a NYCROSS series as well, beating Delinks by 2 defeats for the title of "most defeats in New England."

Onto the women!

Most Defeats, Last 12 months, Women,
RacerUnique Defeats
Victoria Gates293
Crystal Anthony278
Michelle Blackwood265
Ellen Noble264
Jennifer Johnson263
Becca Schepps261
Kaitlin Antonneau259
Kari Studley256
Lori Cooke254
Rebecca Blatt253

I'm not gonna lie, I was SHOCKED not see a woman from the Pacific Northwest top this list. While they have the biggest women's fields, they're in the beginner race, which sees more casual competitors and less travel -- or at least, that's my theory for why the aren't more women from the Cross Crusade here. Only Michelle Blackwood and Jennifer Johnson made the list.

The list is actually topped by two super-busy racers from New England -- Victoria Gates (29 3/4 races in the last 12 months, pretty much everything in New England, plus ChiCrossCup and Nationals) and Crystal Anthony, who raced nonstop UCI and 1/2/3 races in the Mid Atlantic and New England all year, finishing up with Nationals.

But still, Elite Women's fields are practically the smallest out there. How could Crystal beat 278 UNIQUE humans?

Her secret, of course, was entering and winning the Men's 3/4 race at Ice Weasels, bagging her 70 unique defeats, none of them with ovaries, in just 45 minutes of work!

So, the simplest solution to beating a lot of other people if you're a woman? Start racing with the men. Prediction: Emma White will top this list in 2013, as she appears to have a full season of racing Cat 3 men at UCI events planned.

I compiled lists for "most defeated," as well, but I will not post them out of respect to the people named. Getting beat by 655 different people in a year hurts enough, you don't need me putting your name on the internet for it!

I think I can wrap this up next week with Part 3! Stay tuned!


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