Blunt Park CX Race Report

 With fewer and fewer opportunities to run a GoPro during races (thanks, UCI!) I threw it on the chainstay for Blunt Park last weekend. If you're looking for a view of Blunt Park course, or you're Mike Bartlett, or Ian Schon, you may enjoy this. Otherwise you will probably be non-plussed by my terrible start, subsequent chain drop, and general lack of awesomeness.

The only reason to race August cross is to iron out the kinks.  Apparently, I had a lot of kinks.  Or at least that's my story.


Cosmo said…
That was actually an impressively fast chain fix.
Colin R said…
Let's just say I have a lot of experience with bad drivetrains.
Skiorganizers said…
That car has a mind of its own. lol

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