Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 1 Chainstay Cam

Hey guys!  Remember me, the guy who used to have time to doing things in September?  Because I don't.  Between putting on the best night race not named "Midnight Ride", accidentally starting a sanctioning body, and trying to get my threshold power back to something that lets me finish a UCI race... Septembers are pretty hectic.

But now it's October so here's some content!

You should watch the first 30 seconds just to see how ludicrously good my start was.
GP Gloucester Chainstay Cam 2015 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

I drew a decent callup (44th/85, I think) but I had GLOUCESTERHYPELEGS so when the sea of dudes parted a little bit, instead of thinking to myself "you belong here in the 40s," I dropped a billion watts and rode up until I was a few wheels behind Jamie Driscoll.

Then there were some bottlenecks which let me recover a little, and then some guys crashed, and then I was in 30th or something at Gloucester which was a much better place to be after five minutes than my normal position of 60th.

Most excitingly (to me), my experiments with "training" seemed to pay off in that, as I slipped back slowly,  I could actually pedal a bike alone in the wind with some measure of success.  Which was good, because I couldn't find a wheel to save my life... just a few guys per lap catching me and dropping me slowly but steadily.

But you know what?  When you're in 30th, "a few guys a lap" still means you're in 41st/85 when you get pulled after 50 minutes.  And that's pretty good for a scrub like me!

The next day I mechanical'ed out of the race after ten minutes, I am dumb, let's not talk about it for a change.


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