Greenfield Criterium HYPE POST

The Bearscat 50 was awesome.  Will I ever have time to write about it?  Probably not!  But Christin won so that's all you really need to know.  

The reason I have no time to write about 5+ hours of slippery bike racing is that I have to make phone calls (nooooooooo) and write emails (okaaaaaaaaay) and visit businesses (!!!!!!!) to make the Greenfield Crit happen along with Lydia Hausle and the Back Bay Cycling Club.

This is the grandest race promotion venture I have ever been part of.  We have been to TOWN MEETINGS!  We have passed out flyers to ABUTTERS who were either CONFUSED, SUPPORTIVE, or CRANKY!  We applied for GRANTS!  We have a CLINIC!  We have EQUAL PRIZE MONEY!  Thanks to Lydia this is WAY MORE TIGHT than [insert Weasels event here] and you don't need to worry about the venue changing or US RUNNING OUT OF TOILET PAPER!  It is going to BE SO AWESOME THAT EVAN HUFF IS COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT FOR IT.

Like any first year event, we HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS COMING AND IT'S TERRIFYING.  If you're the kind of person who wants to race bikes two weeks from now, want to do me a favor and REGISTER NOW?  We are using the Refund Policy of "It's cool, you can have your money back any time for any reason (tm)" so the risk to you is pretty low, and the benefit to me (not waking up at 3am in a cold sweat whimpering about budgets) is pretty high.

If you're the kind of person who could donate two hours of their time to chill on a street corner and make sure no one walks into the course, that would also be super and might help volunteer coordinator Greg Colby not wake up in his own cold sweats at 3am!

Yeaaaaaahhhh race promoting!


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