Another Tuesday night race, another chance to feel horrible. Here's a quick recap.

I showed up 30 minutes early with considerably more food and drink in me than last time I did this. Felt better warming up too. The race started with the typical cluster that one would expect from a 60 skier mass start 6k. I got squeezed big time in the start and ended up back around 15th. The pack was a long line of skiers tip to tail on the first lap -- but of course the people at the back slowly got dropped. The guy in front of me would suddenly let a gap open, and I'd have to go around him and push it to get back on. This happened 3 or 4 times, and then suddenly it was my turn to get popped. I just couldn't keep up on a gradual downhill, with the draft.

After that it was all downhill. I decided that my skis were slow (they were a little, but whatever) and that I must be dehydrated. While I was sorting out my list of excuses Anna McLoon passed me. And then some other girl from UAA did. On the last lap I was really feeling like a sorry excuse for a skier when another girl -- even smaller than the first two -- skied up next to me with pretty effortless technique. It turns out she's a darn good skier, but at the time I was pretty sure she was some random High Schooler. I told myself, "if you can't hang with this girl for the last 400 meters and beat her in the sprint, you may a well stop skiing."

So, I did. And it really freaking hurt. And I didn't get past until about 20 meters left. She was damn fast. But at least I did it.

I really have no idea why I race so badly on Tuesday nights. Next week I guess I'll drink gatorade all day and eat more. And wax my skis. But it probably won't help.

If you want to see the badness, the results are here. My time should be 17:55, not 17:45, as evidenced by Claire's 17:56.

In summary, maybe racing every weekend since August and now racing Tuesday nights also isn't the best training plan.


Jess said…
Hey, I'll be at the CSU sprints this weekend. See ya there. Good luck!

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