Uppin' the nerd ante

I did some more work on crossresults.com tonight. The big thing was adding results from nationals, and fixing up two races (UNH and Sterling) that were screwy, but I also added the ability to "merge" racers. What is this, you ask?

It turns out that many, many people like to use different names when they race. Steve is sometimes Stephen, Dan is sometimes Daniel, Chris is often Christopher, etc, etc. And don't even get me started on people who show up on results as "John fadshflksah" because of their terrible handwriting, or the fact that results were typed by a blind and drunk college student.

ANYWAY! The names were full of errors. Now, if you know of two names that refer to the same person, you can magically merge them into one person! Hooray!

I really hope people will use this, at least if they come across people they know who are entered under different names. There are nearly 2000 racers in the database, so I'm certainly not going through and fixing them all myself.


Anonymous said…
None of us were drunk at our race.

Marka may have been.

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