Curse You, Rumsey!

So tonight I was kept inside by freezing rain in Albany. Not just kept inside, but kept inside a crappy hotel room. There was only one solution -- get a large cup of coffee and crank the nerd factor.

Two hours later, there's a new feature on called "Nemeses and Victims," which highlights the people you most often narrowly defeat or are narrowly defeated by.

I know it works because here's my list:

And every single name on the left side of that list makes me shake my fist and mutter, "I'll get you next year, [Racer Name]!"

And then I cry myself to sleep.


CCC said…
Just out of curiosity, how does USAC handle no-shows? I just realized that the main reason my points situation sucks is Casco Bay - two races I no-showed (aka DNS) yet was given last or close-to-last place finishes for!? WTF!?

Curse You, USAC!
Colin R said…

Well fist off, it's not USAC. It's me and the promoter.

The basic deal is, when the promoter posts results with a bunch of names without places at the bottom of them, i have to guess if they are DNS or DNF. I'm more worried about people DNF'ing and not be penalized for it than people DNSing and being penalized, so I go with DNF.

I improved this process sometime after Casco Bay, I think that is really the problem here. I'll delete your Casco Bay results.
CCC said…
Sweet. While you're doing that, could you also delete all of my Verge races? ;)
G-ride said…
ooo, you should call this feature the "Gewilli headcasing search function" cause it basically summarizes his weekly pre and post blogs!

You are the KING of nerds. I salute you.

And I am an engineer so that means something.
Ron Steers said…
Quick question, under the victim column, is the list of names the people you have crashed into before or during a race? I saw my name and know at least two occasions when you have tried to hurt me before a race, one being this past weekend and two being when you were trying to show off your supposed mtb skills in Farmington, sending your bike flying through the air. Oh and just to let the general public know that both of these crashes or "attempted hits" on me were before the races even started.
Big Bikes said…
You are an evil genius.

Natz Schmatz, 37 and counting, ya guy!
G-ride said…
I cant believe how perfect that works! I tested it by making my own lists from my gut for nemesis and victim, then checking the site to see what it said. Damn. Thats all I can say. Damn. Spot on.

That is so cool. Wait till I tell Gewilli I victimized him.

You are going to sell this site for ONE MEELLION DOLLARS some day.
GCDavid said…
Congratulations on turning friend against friend, team mate against team mate, brother against brother.

Now all you need to include is a hyperlink that gives you the picture of the person, where s/he lives, his/her daily habits and ride routes, and medical records. THEN you would have something useful.

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