Trebon's Crash From Nationals

Josh passed this along, it only has 42 views right now but I assume the whole internet will see it in the next 24 hours.

Notice the rider who goes ever further into oncoming traffic right after the crash. I'll take "unsafe course design" for $100, Alex.


Jordan said…
that made me nauseous
Alex said…
I don't get the reference to me. Unless its to another Alex. And I don't get why the guy near the end of that clip was riding up the hill other people were coming down. Was Trebon OK?
Ryan said…
The sadistic part of me wants to upload another video with narrations.

"Helllllloooo more stars and stripes skinsuits and all the hipster cross girls I could ever wantOHFUCK"
Colin R said…
Holy crap Alex, you hosted Jeopardy?!

It's a section of course with opposite ways separated by tape, unfortunately thanks to the off-camber and the mud and the ice ruts people were crashing through the tape (into oncoming traffic) on a regular basis.
Steve said…
I didn't even notice the other guy going into traffic there, They're lucky that was the only incident during the race. Who was the other rider?
Steve said…
I didn't even notice the other guy going into traffic there, They're lucky that was the only incident during the race. Who was the other rider?
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin R said…
Hey now Rosey, where did you get #161 from? I watched the video and saw #163 as the crashed rider, which matches up with #163 DNFing. 161 finished the race...

As for "what was he doing in that race," well, I assume he was racing nats because he qualified for the elite race.

Ohhh... what's that? There is no qualifying procedure for elite nationals? Hmmmmmm.
G-ride said…
seriously, whats the point of a category system if we ignore it? At least limit it to Cat 1 and 2. Preferably Cat 1. If you are a 2 and are not getting top 10 in your local races, I guess you dont need to be racing nats with the 1's. Do the B race like the rest of the fast guys.
Colin R said…
Nats Elite race is limited to Cat 1-2 as of this year. I think it should be more restrictive, like, "Cat 1 or top 40 at a USGP"

Any qualifying procedure would be better than letting all cat 2s in.
Anonymous said…
Yes, open national championships should become a thing of the past. Master's and B races, too. There needs to be a limit. It was unsafe this year and the M35+ race was decided when McCormack was crashed in the last corner by lapped riders.

The thing is, though, anyone can buy a UCI license. So there are quite a few Cat 3s and Expert Mtn bike types who choose to ride elites for some reason. In regional UCI races with 50 riders, it doesn't much matter. In an elite national championship with 150 riders, though, it does seem a little silly to have dudes lining up in costume, soft pedaling from the start, just there for the "experience".

Nat's will have to go Cat 1 only for logistical reasons because it is simply outgrowing itself. And the condition of the course is another issue that makes a case for separate Master's/Junior/Espoir nationals. And B nat's? I don't know...there isn't a Cat 3 road nationals and that gives Elite road nat's all the more cache, doesn't it?

Cross growth is good but last weekend made me think it might almost be outgrowing itself.

Enough speechification for now.

Unknown said…
i agree that nationals should be more selective. unfortunately the venues and promoters draw a huge portion of their revenue from the unofficial categories of b men and women.

that doesn't mean it's right to have a race for them. it's just the facts.

i chose to go to PDX instead of nationals this year. i would encourage other b racers to pick a good double race weekend in a far off land as opposed to spending 4 days for a single race at nationals (if i was old enough to race an age category at nationals i would). you'll meet fun new people and test yourself against a totally new field of athletes.

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