Just Another Project

Hey Nordic Fans! Yeah, both of you who are still reading, even though I haven't mentioned skiing in several weeks and probably won't again until the fall.

At least not here, anyway. That's because my e-friend Chris and I have started a new nordic skiing project -- nordiccommentaryproject.blogspot.com -- and that's where I'll be spouting nonsense about the world of professional cross-country skiing. Throw it in your RSS-reader and I promise there will be the occasional nugget of mind-blowing analysis.

Since it's the beginning of the offseason, you might think we're idiots for starting a blog that will probably have no new news to examine in the next six months. And you're mostly right! But, we are intrepid idiots, so we made our own content. Part 1 of the 3-part 2007-08 season recap podcast is up now, with the rest following soon.

Yeah, that's right, a freaking podcast. Do I take myself too seriously or what?

Head on over if you want to hear my attempts at the spoken word, or just to check out our totally sweet header image.


Anonymous said…
Maybe you could make the URL a little longer, you know, something like


Only then will it be worth subscribing to and not just checking every three months.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, I seem to have been beaten by a lack of word wrap.

You win again.
Colin R said…
mike -- I can't imagine any circumstances under which you would want to read what I write over there. Which is kind of idea of separating it.
Anonymous said…
colin r -- I think you underestimate my level of boredom sometimes. Or pretty much all the time.
Yearn to travel said…
Hey I finally managed to get to your site. I will check out the new one as you know my husband races. I am recovering from a pretty scary health issues so I have plenty of blog reading time.

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