Another Data Point

As promised, I hit the Dover TT last night, to see if I could reverse the disturbing trend of getting slower.

The good news -- not slower. 19:33, 23.6 mph.
The bad news -- everyone went faster. Thom set a PR, George took 51 seconds off his time, and a late-arriving solo smoked me by 40 seconds. The "non-aero" record fell (albeit to a guy with aero wheels) and the 4th-fastest time ever ridden was recorded. So we can safely conclude that conditions were favorable.

What else is there to say?


solobreak said…
It was fast conditions. Hotter is always faster.

Do you have normal chainrings on that thing, or are you running junior gears? A few spots on that course are pretty fast.
Colin R said…
53x12... I'm not getting spun out. I think my max speed was around 40.
solobreak said…
Yeah, that is plenty. I used the 52x12 for a short bit before the hairpin, but on Farm road just the 52x13 and 14. With aerobars maybe a 12.

Your bike probably slows you down a tiny bit over a road bike. With longer chainstays, the rear wheel is less faired on the cx frame. Your bars may be a little higher too, but it's more about getting a flat back, and that depends more on the person then the bar position.

It's a good course, pacing is a challenge with the placement of the hills. It should be good training for you. I think you're ready to start your road career.

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