24 Hours of Grand Targhee Live Update #2

Now with full sentences!

It's 8:30 pm now. We've been on it since noon and I've been sick since Monday. It's a long story and a pretty valid excuse, but who wants to read about that? Let's just say that chest cold + 8000 ft + 10% humidity = serious throat pain.

The good news is we're in 2nd overall and might even be moving up. The bad news is this is made possibly by a low 4-person team turnout; with $1000 going to the solo/duo winners, the fast guys are riding that. It took us 6 hours to pass the lead solo, and we're currently hanging 10 minutes away from getting lapped by the lead duo. As a self-respecting 4-man team, we are finding the latter fact a bit tough to swallow. But damn -- those guys are fast. It's not over, though, we've actually only lost 2 minutes on them in the last 3 laps, and it's only the early night. We're hoping to stop the bleeding soon and starting coming back, but when the sun goes down anything can happen -- and lots of those things are not fun.

Obviously the four man team has wicked downtime versus the deuce, I mean, I'm so chill-bro-ified I can write blog posts. It's still hurting wicked hahd though -- at 35-40 minutes a lap we're all doing a cross race once every 2.5 hours, which doesn't sound fun at all when you put it that way. But I think we're having fun.

My laps have been steady, 38-38:20-38:40, and the most exciting thing I've done was a wicked hahd bail I mentioned a few hours ago. The trails out here are sandy troughs through meadows, and I attempted to ride out of the trough to set up a corner at high speed. My front wheel never made it out, and I skipped like a stone on my back across the meadow before rolling to my feet. No injury, but the destruction of my gel collection and encrustification of jersey and multitool was punishment enough.

We're heading into double lap time so I have six laps to play Dr. Chill Bro-ington the 3rd, then I'll be serious satellite radio for a bit, and after that I might even sleep for an hour or two -- whoa.


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