24 Hours of Grand Targhee Live Update #3

Eight laps done now. Finished my second double as the sun was coming up, and just rode my fastest lap of the race (37ish) to finish it off.

I am utterly toasted.

Four hour drive home is going to be intense.


G-ride said…
i could not be MORE impressed!

Not with the racing part, i mean with the blogging part.

that is so hot.
Big Bikes said…
Nice pics, I always wonder why 24 Hour event photographers put their cameras away when the sun goes down, that's when the really cool stuff starts happening.

And I like the link back to the post from "three hours earlier". Like flashbacks in an hour and twenty minute movie, probably starring Nicolas Cage. Remember when this happened you morons...? Um...no, actually we don't.

Good work!

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