Gloucester Day 1 Laps 2-4 Seat Cam

The setup. Photo by Ryan K.

Featuring Colin Murphy: Human Yo-yo.

Also starring Brian Lawney, Todd Burns, Ryan Rumsey, with brief guest appearances from Hunter Pronovost, Sean Mannion, Don Snoop, James Patterson.

Some highlights are the lap two sand pit (which I should not have ridden), and the lap four crash.

Gloucester 2/3 Men Seat Cam Lap 2 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Gloucester Day 1 Seat Cam Lap 3 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Gloucester 2/3 Men Seat Cam Lap 4 from colin reuter on Vimeo.


JB said…
lap 4 sounds like you need to lube your chain!
Colin R said…
yeah man, it was dusty out there!
MB said…
seriously so cool
G-ride said…
Dude, that was BRILLIANT!

No more helmet cam, shit you could sell that footage.

You, sir, are a visionairy.
Big Bikes said…
That is pretty rad. Helmet Cam footage gets silly and boring damn quick and all that butt-looking... This is a far superior way to experience a race.

I'm not kidding, I think we're going to see folks slapping versions of your rig on pros bikes soon enough.

Sorry about your fancy slashed tire, we'll get you sorted out and glued up in no time.

Anonymous said…
Awesome, start to finish.

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