MRC Cross Race Seat Cam Crash Video

The seat cam jinx continues. I'll elaborate later, but other than a taco'ed front tubular (it really sucks to be my mechanic) everyone and everything was ok.

MRC Cross Race Seat Cam -- Crashing Out from colin reuter on Vimeo.


Anonymous said…
The slo-mo - some things, I can't unhear. Where was this race, Hades?
trackrich said…
I'm glad you clarified that you were alive. We were genuinely worried about you for a bit there. You should have seen how fast Hamlet took off on the quad to go find you. Nice work on lap one at least :)
Bad Brad said…

It will probably never happen again. So I am going to savor the moment.

Thanks again for helping out our team with the results. You're the man.

Congrats on the $$. Spend it well.
Big Bikes said…
Damn, I just got your rear tubular glued too. Am I going to be ordering you a new rim Tuesday?

So glad you had the seat cam on for that business.

And glad you're OK.

JB said…
Holy shit. glad you're ok!

G-ride said…
curtis had to text me on my 3 hr drive home today to tell me you beat him for the prime. you broke him. he was so crushed he skipped racing sunday to "think about things."

so sad. 120 bucks for you! that should just cover the new wheel.
G-ride said…
at least you let everyone ride past you before you fell. that's a sign of a good upbringing if you ask me.

eh hem.
Big Bikes said…
Ya, what was up with that?

"No, no, you go ahead...I have to crash head first into that log over there".
Colin R said…
oh, right, i didn't mention that i was doing a horrendous stupendous packslide after winning the $120 first lap prime...
GCDavid said…
Straight Blair Witch Project.
G-ride said…
now that we are sure you are OK, I can say that that right there is some funny shit. at least on video, you know, not like it would be funny if it was "real life" or anything.

i stand by my previous statement that I can get by on this seat came shit alone. i dare say its better then actually racing.

so sweet.
G-ride said…
Post up the first lap so we can see you winning the prime!
EyeBob said…

Borderline "crash", more like a "crashette." A little more than a "dump" but not quite reaching the epochal standard of an Eye Bob "crash."

For future reference, I can send you the delineated list of standards that must be met to reach full "crash" standards....although you saying "hold on, hold on!" at the end of the video do help to make it more than a meer "dump."


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