Important Cool Kid Meeting Update

You've probably seen this elsewhere on the tubes, but just in case you didn't, the MM Racing Kickoff Party is at Wheelworks this Thursday night from 7pm-10pm. Like everyone else who aspires to be cool, I will be there. Luckily the bar for "cool" is pretty low in a group of cyclists, so can probably just show up, even if you have no interest in being cool.

Last year this party was basically a money-raising scam, when I bought 5 or even 10 dollars worth of raffle tickets and all I got for it was a ton of food, beer and raffle prizes. What a rip off!

Seriously, it was one of the most stacked raffles I've ever seen. It defied logic and reason.

This post is up today to give you 24 hours notice on this killer event, and also to buy me 24 hours of time to finish the Vermont Day 1 race report!


Cosmo said…
Dang. Missed it.

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