New Zealand Cyclocross Championships Race Report

I'm pulling a Thom P and just referring you to the CX Magazine Report that I wrote. If you wanna hear me talk about me today (and why else does anyone come here??), go over there!

Oh wait. Some people are probably here for the Linnea update. A disturbingly high number of you, in fact. Well... she won. She killed it. She lapped second place. Unlike me, she was head and shoulders better than the competition.

There's not much about her actual race in there because UTTER DOMINATION is boring to read about, right? I've never actually done it myself... so I dunno.

I finally found a podium photo online (as I was being too emo post-race to take one), from Mel.


solobreak said…
I guess this makes you like the Michelle Obama of New Zealand Cyclocross, right?
G-ride said…
when second place is that good looking, you want to lap them.
Colin R said…
way to be a creepy old man jerry.
Alex said…
Beer and bananas. What more could a bike racer hope for??
Christine said…
Too bad about the emo moment. Your woman is PRO!

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