Baystate Cyclocross Day 1 Bar Cam

Baystate Cyclocross Day 1 Bar Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.

The only casualty from putting $10k of bikes on Cary's trunk and driving 70mph into a 40mph headwind was that I lost the nut that locks my rear camera in place. So no picture-in-picture this weekend.

Adam Snyder lamented the lack of seat cam when he lined up behind me, but then he rode two laps directly in front of me to get plenty of camera time. He rode the horse jump on camera twice, and it's so smooth/subtle you can barely see it if you don't know to look for it. Nice.

I also accidentally left some blank titles in the video, because iMovie and I had some philosophical differences about how user interfaces should work (Hint: two mouse buttons). Yeah, that's it. But that's another discussion, for another blog...


G-ride said…
do i need to make something, or was it just a regular 1/4" nut?
G-ride said…
damn, hopping those put the nail in the coffin. i enjoyed comparing line selection with you. Sadly, we both made the same line choices. Can you mount a camera on, say, Myerson, so we can get a counter point? then, time sync that with your barcam and run them picture in picture?

I would dig that.

Oh, and Pro Tip: buy a tool box for your small items, like fasteners and shit.
zencycle said…
yeah, what's up with mac and the one-button mouse? We just got an Imac and I was almost completely lost without right-click. then my 14 year old says "so put the old mouse on it". I said "I can't, that was pc, this is mac". she said "so? did you try it?"

Here I am thinking, if a two-button mouse was going to work on the mac, they would have given me a two-button mouse.

Just to humor her, I tried it.

it worked.

"oh gee dad, yer so freakin' smaht......"

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