Styched for the Weasel

Styched, of course, is the combination of stoked and psyched. I can't take credit for it; I first heard it from a cyclingdirt interview with Adam Snyder. And I doubt he made it up, either. If you'd like to try using made-up words, I might also suggest adding "jenvious" to your vocabulary.

Ordinarily you'd be reading the NBX GP of Cross Day 1 Race Report here, but there are bigger fish to fry -- it's Ice Weasels promoter freakout week. And besides, I sucked at Day 1 of NBX. It was a Saturday; it happens. There was no camera to record it, and thus nothing of value came out of it. Let's move on.

So yeah, if you're not going to Nationals, the place to be this Saturday is at White Barn Farm in Wrentham, MA.

We have some new stuff going on this year -- an improved, or at least different, course layout that should have fewer crazy-tight 180s and more passing opportunities. There's a new bermy-thing in the field, and oh yeah, beer sponsor. We've also doubled the payout from last year to $1000 across 3 classes ($500 elite men, $250 elite women, $250 singlespeed).

I'm really excited to see what happens when you combine some healthy cash payouts with a field of burned-out racers who want to take beer feeds. I think it's going to be the ultimate mullet race -- business at the front, party at the back.

There's only one caveat -- it's gonna be cold. Remember how last year it was 34 in the sun? This year it's gonna be 33 in the sun. I've hung out at many a 10-degree ski race, so trust me, you can definitely have fun when it's 35 degrees out, but YOU GOTTA DRESS RIGHT. Throw your ski parka, winter hat, and winter boots in the car, so you don't start shivering and spill the beer feed you're gonna give me.

I'm gonna finish the season off right, by running around all morning, doing tons of results, yelling on the PA, forgetting to eat, jumping in the last race of the day, and riding as hard as I can until I explode. Because that's what it's all about.


rick is! said…
I'm gonna bring my C game. Watch out!
trackrich said…
Thank God Solo is in OR... I'll be told I suck only about half as much.

Oh, and Colin if you could ride back with me and insult my horrible bike handling for the first lap like last year that would be awesome. You could even film it for comedic value.
SHopengarten said…
"I think it's going to be the ultimate mullet race -- business at the front, party at the back."

I'm pretty sure it's going to be party at the front this weekend in the 3/4 race, because as I lap the guy in second place I'm going to take beer feeds while bunny hopping the first barrier and cookie feeds while hopping the second. There should even be enough time to do wheelies over the finish line.

Can't wait!
Christine said…
God, I hope the shark suit returns. Because HOLY YES.
Il Bruce said…
God willing, I will be there in Solo's stead handing out 40s.
Keith said…
First time weasel here, keep those barriers LOW I wanna hop!

Added some ideas on Jerry's blog for single speed conversion. You know, the one that's linked in the Bikereg page.
megA said…
We need someone in a weasel mascot suit running around with beer feeds or racing.

And that someone should be YOU Colin!

Anonymous said…
spectator 1: "OMG! who is that guy in the really short jeans shorts, and T-shirt?".

spectator 2: "i don't know? total stud though, with super skills!!!"

spectator 1: "for sure!!!" i wonder if he uses chamois butter?"

spectator 2: "he must be like a hired model or something. wow colin really went the extra mile this year"
Unknown said…
You should blow off this silly race and go skiing instead! If not can you fit in a ski race. 1:40?? 20 minute sprint??

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