Deep Thoughts and Dead Bikes

You might've noticed that it was 99 degrees and humid earlier this week in Boston. What's that you say, every other blogger on the facetwitter already mentioned this? Good, because that's not what I'm thinking about, anyway.

So the other night I stayed at work until 11, because hey, air conditioned internet is only at one place in my life, and it's not at home! And then I rolled out into the sticky haze of the night to ride home, and some weird stuff happened -- I had a flashback to when I used to ride home from work in Florida at night. Same hot air, same darkness, same absurd sense of freedom despite the fact that all I was doing in the morning was coming right back to work.

And I was hit with one of the strongest waves of nostalgia I've ever felt. Which is messed up. You know why I never blog about when I lived in Florida? IT SUCKED. Everything about it. My life is better in every single measurable way now than it was back then, and yet, given the right stimuli, my brain suddenly misses it.

So, that's how I realized that nostalgia is stupid. Just say no! Live for the future, not the past, because your brain is probably just lying to you about how great the past was!

We now return to your intermittently scheduled cycling blog.

So I kind of forgot to mention that I have been riding for the Back Bay Cycling Club since late May. It's one of those things that just never really fit into a post, like everything else that isn't directly about ME and ME RACING BIKES. Like there's this girl I race bikes with, but I can barely even remember to mention that SHE RACED BIKES most of the time, so the team has no chance here.

Anyway. My former relationship with IBC was dissolved due to, shall we say, broken promises. A common thing in the dirty underworld of amateur sponsorship, I'm sure, but one that has to be dealt with nonetheless. Now I'm on a real team, with kits and a mailing list and team races and all kinds of crazy stuff. It's very exciting, it even gets me kind of excited to race on the road.

Of course no sooner do I stop dealing with IBC than I snap the goddamn chainstay on my Trek.
-1 chainstay, +1 kickstand.

Luckily I live in a city full of Trek dealers, so I can run around being a bike shop tramp until I find a new suitor willing to take on me and my baggage.

Lastly, to hit the rule-of-3 for this post, I guess it's time to announce the cyclocross team, which is my new ridiculously time-consuming endeavor. You might think that this makes no sense, because I just joined Back Bay and they're awesome. You are right. But it is just bike racing, so I think making sense is totally optional.

It's just like making a website, except instead of programming you write emails, and instead of getting emails you stare at your inbox all day wonder why no one will write back. Sometime during this process I realized that running a team sucks, but being a CRAZY TEAM DICTATOR is awesome, so awesome that it makes it worth it. HEY RYAN, CHANGE THE KIT DESIGN! AGAIN! BECAUSE I USED MS PAINT TO DO A THING!

Really though, I had to do it, just to keep up with the Myersons.

There are benefits to having a real designer do stuff. Ryan White is a real designer. I am not.

James "King of Branding" Morrison from Embro has been an amazing resource for advice on this project. That dude can answer the hell out of an email. It is glorious.

As long as I'm drunkenly name-dropping, it should be noted that Pedros, JRA Cycles, BH and Challenge are also pretty cool. Everyone else who ignored my emails -- not as cool. Except Edge. I can't stay mad at you. (Call me?)

Whoops, out of coffee and time. If you're excited by Ryan's kit design, you can probably buy one, but only if you refresh this blog every day for the next week to prove your dedication.


G-ride said…
1st cooment! wooo! eat your heart out, bikesnob.
Todd Rowell said…
What if I write an Automator script to refresh the crap out of your page while I do something more productive, like watch the Youtubes?
Luke S said…
What if I used a free firefox add-on to do the same while I did more productive things like working, running, and riding bikes?
megA said…
Colin R said…
You guys are so cute, with your jokes about "programs" to make "HTTP requests." Don't be silly, that's impossible. I'm a programmer so I know these things.
kevin said…
DUDE! you're getting a new frame. i'm jealous.

did you say you were drunk, and drinking coffee, at 7:30pm? one of those 3 don't belong.
Colin R said…
Kevin: sadly the chainstay is a completely replaceable aluminum part, so they're only gonna give me a whole new frame/rear triangle if they don't have any chainstays kicking around.
rick is! said…
if I raced cross I'd totally wear that kit. but I don't so I won't.
trackrich said…
Oh goody... another new kit that I get to watch pass me. I think I'm going to design some sort of tall freak kit that me and Gewilli can wear. You know... so people can say "Oh goody, another new kit I get to pass."
Anonymous said…
Deep, deep thoughts on nostalgia, Colin, though "live for the future" will make the present suck (to use a present-day word (that your mother and grandmother do not care for).
Big Bikes said…
I hadn't even seen the new kit when I was joking about wanting one.
Now I want one for real. That Ryan White guy is alright. I can't wait to punch other skinny dudes while wearing that dope kit.

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