Weekend Bike Games Roundup

Lots of stuff went on this weekend (guess what? It involved bikes!) but none of it is screaming BLOG ME. So here we are, on Wednesday, with nothing reported. I figured leaving my bike sale post up for a few days would be a good idea, anyway.


Alright, so Saturday was the big bad Gran Fundo out in Easthampton with J-Pows. It was hot as hell, but not a race. However the front group (gruppo Tim Johnson, as the say in Europe) didn't get the memo and periodically rode crazy fast anyway. After 33 miles, there was ice cream. This ended my time in the front group, because I retired to the shade to be majestic for a while with my ice cream.

Rolled the rest of way with Jake, Linnea, Dave, and other unknown stragglers. The pace was reasonable except when cameras were in sight, or when Linnea insisted on climbing at over 300 watts, because she didn't have a powertap telling her that was too fast. I sucked it up and rode fast, too. Then we drank beer and ate pork with probably 50% of this blog's readership, and it was good.

Sunday I had to go to work in the afternoon, because apparently part of being a software developer is actually finishing stuff. So I couldn't do any racing this weekend... or could I? Wait, I can still sneak in some training in at... wait for it... a TRAINING race!  So long as it's done in time for me to get to work.  And off to the Wells Ave B race I went.

Apparently some guy who is "just getting back into racing" went from the gun and averaged 26mph for an hour. So he sure got some training in. I never actually saw the move go, and discussed whether or not someone was up the road with Rosey -- "We're averaging 25.5, you're telling me there's a Cat 4 holding us off solo? Yeah right."


Luckily he was so far ahead of us that the primes were field primes, and I ended up CASHING IN. There was basically a prime every 2nd or 3rd lap for the entire race, so opportunities were plentiful. I discovered that the finish straight at Wells is way too long to go from the last corner, but that doesn't stop people from doing it every damn prime. So I surfed "early jump guy"'s wheel to the tune of 3 prime wins, including the lucrative $15 halfway prime.

Rosey happened to be "early jump guy" on the halfway prime, so I tried to repay him for his sacrifice with a leadout for the last Lara Bar prime. Competition was minimal, since we were racing for $2 worth of product samples at two laps to go. I want to make a joke about headbutting here, but it's about 3 days to late for that. Anyway, we crushed it, and then I sat up because I'm terrified of the finish sprint at Wells.

Final note! Ryan's sexy crossresults.com kit is available to you, valued-blog-reader-who-reads-to-the-end, for the modest sum of $61/jersey, $75/bibs. This is at cost unless I get a million buyers, and can increase the order size -- but you're still doing me a favor because I have $4000 worth of kits on my credit card right now! Yikes.
The kit's made by Squadra, who seems to make some pretty quality stuff. They sent me sizing samples this week and I gotta say, I am impressed with the quality of the bibs. Unlike certain other, popular, cheap manufacturers, these are definitely not going to disintegrate the first time you wash them.

I fit a men's small (jersey & shorts), and we've got women's sizes too. Email me an order (colin.reuter@gmail.com) in the next week while I can still change sizes around and BAM, it's yours in 4 weeks.  Paypal, check, cash, money order, Nigerian email scams accepted.   $5 extra for shipping if you want your stuff before you see me at the races, or if you don't want to see me under any circumstances.

Update! The guy who won the Wells Ave B race by riding solo for an hour just won the 2/3 TT at WMSR, which makes you wonder how the heck he was in the Wells Ave B race to begin with...  Source 1, source 2


Todd Rowell said…
I have to admit I'm mainly curious how much more spam you get after posting your email in plaintext in your post. But then again, Gmail kind of means never having to care about spam.

Oh, and that is some tight kit.
Colin R said…
Exactly, I was going to obfuscate my email address, then I remembered I have a REAL EMAIL HOST and quit worrying about it.
Cosmo said…
I see skulls, but I don't see beers.
Anonymous said…
Good looking kit Colin. Personally, I think it needs more pink, but hey, that's just my bias.

Also, JRA cycles is a solid shop.

I'm going to pull out my statistics text books to figure out some nerdy ways to harass you all on the course.

- Joshua.Robot
Cosmo said…
Also—B race? Really? Dude come on, it's for training. You gonna go do the B interval workout, too?

If you get dropped at Wells it counts as a mishap and you get a free lap. This rule is well-established.

No excuses. Play like a champion.
Colin R said…
Cosmo -- I should've been more clear in the blog, I did the B race because of time constraints. Edited for clarity. A race next time.
megA said…
I feel like you guys are making fun of me and my Nigerian friends.

It hurts. It hurts deeply

JD said…
Um, this is a cyclo-cross team right? Then where the F are the skinsuits???????
Colin R said…
JD - I'm not selling the skinsuits, they are TEAM ISSUE ONLY. You want one, you'll have to tear it off me at the finish line. Rowr.
kevin said…
is the guy who cleaned up all the field sprints calling the guy who tt'ed off the front a sandbagger?

pot, you have a call from kettle on line one.

(assume that guy also had to be at work at noon.)
kevin said…
shit. just realized i left myself wide open with that last comment.

THE C RACE IS MY ONLY OPTION. leave me alone.
Unknown said…
Kettle, er kevin, c race is your only option because you haven't requested an upgrade yet. how many c/5 races have you won now? how long have you held a UCI license that makes you eligible to not race the c race?

Colin R said…
Rosey - I like your question a lot, but I would love to know how buying a uci license magically gets you out of cat 5.
gewilli said…
Colin, you're still at Cat4? WTF is wrong with this world.

You really need to be a 3 so you can start kicking Ryan Kelly's ass in the 2/3 races (and so you can stop kicking mine).
rick is! said…
definitely a slick looking kit.
kevin said…
rosey, I've won one actual cat5 race, and one wells ave. i've requested an upgrade. it was denied.

i'm a victim of the system. pity me.

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