Adventures in 0.5x Speed

I went up to Coyote Hill for the Greater Vermont Fresh-Cut Singletrack National Championships this weekend.  My race experience was quite unremarkable, because I paced myself really conservatively, which is to say, went out the back in the first 60 seconds of the race.

I did eventually ride back into the middle of the pack (finishing 9th/19, although 5 dudes DNF'ed) but there was not much hanging out to be had. However, on lap two, my roommate and general life nemesis Cary Fridrich was about 15 seconds up the trail when he broke his derailleur and ended his race. Afterward, he told people "I broke my bike with, like, a giant log" and they were like, "uh huh, sure you did." Luckily his faithful videographer was there to back up his claim: Also, now I know that "drunk Colin" and "mid-race Colin on 0.5x speed" are actually the same person. RABEND-IT.

In totally unrelated news, my brother nominated me in this contest to win a free trip to Sun Valley. Basically, you badger your friends via social media into voting for you, and if you make the top 10 overall in votes you haveget to make a 90-second video convincing the Sun Valley tourism folks that you should be the winner. It's actually a pretty ingenious promotion, because it's a proven fact that most people will spam the hell out of their friends for personal gain.

NO BUT SERIOUSLY SUN VALLEY IS A GREAT MOUNTAIN BIKE DESTINATION! I went there two years ago. It was so dope that I turned my bike into this pile of parts:
So I could ride in a place that looks like this:
And I would like to go back.
Did I mention that you should VOTE FOR ME? Because I would like to make a video. And, I suppose, get free stuff.


Julia said…
Thanks for the seee-reee-uuuuhhh chuuuuckleeee -- hearing your voice at half speed. Still laughing as I type.
rick is! said…
drunk voice AND drunk logic. love it.
Christin said…
re-bennnnd it!

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