Earl's Trails - A Map

If you like maps and mountain bikes and Earl's trails, throw me a freakin' bone and VOTE FOR ME in this freakin' contest.

When I saw that my friend Alex mention a "new orienteering map" for Earl's trails, I got EXCITED, because I love maps and I love Earl's trails. Like many MTB trail networks, it is somewhere between hard and impossible to find a decent map of the area, although of course "everyone" knows their way around the place. I had been steadily trying to consolidate my growing pile of GPS tracks from there into something useful, because maps excite me, and disseminating information does too. But it wasn't going very well, and anyway, having some orienteers do the hard work for you is MUCH better.

So, I got Alex to send me the map, traced it in Paint.NET to distill it down to the MTB-relevant data (um, orienteering maps have a lot of information on them), and discovered that I have no idea what half of these trail names are, and the OTHER half I probably used the wrong name for. SWEET.

If you have anything to add to this "masterpiece," especially trail names, LET ME KNOW! What I do have here is words I have heard other riders use to describe trails. Sometimes, "other riders" are LIARS.


Alex said…
dude. that looks awful. i could have sent you dxf files. give me a day or two and I'll get you a decent-looking (i.e. non-hand-traced) mtb map.
Colin R said…
But what am I gonna do with a dxf file! I don't know how to use ARC GIS or whatever you real-map-people use.
Unknown said…
This is awesome! Thanks!
Colin this map is really easy to follow compared to the old maps. Been bringing a copy of it with me when I go in there. You asked about trail names - I photoshopped a copy of your map and added trail name abbreviations from a couple different versions of the original map that I have. Drop me an email and I'd be happy to send you a copy - eparrot1@yahoo.com.

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