A Dilemma

Much like a dog that actually caught the car he was chasing, I have a problem.

I have 25 upgrade points, plus a 1st and two 2nds from races with less than 30 entrants. In other words, I have a case that I could be upgraded to cat 2.

This was theoretically my goal for the season, so I gotta do it, right? Right? Leave all my 3/4 buddies behind and go live the life of pack fodder in the A race?

Here's the thing. Everyone says Putney was great, the course was great, and most importantly the atmosphere was great. So Putney-lovers, how was the atmosphere during the 1/2/3 race?

Oh wait, you don't know, because you all left.

It's not just lonely at the back because the McCormacks of the world dropped you. it's lonely because the spectators have all gone home.

I'm not sure I'm ready to make that jump -- although I'd just about frame a license with the number 2 on it.

Any of you cat 3's out there up for trying the 1/2/3 race at Lowell this weekend? The USGP in Trenton will draw all the fast folks...


CTodd said…
There is no dilemma. You will upgrade. 25 points is more than enough.
Colin R said…
25 points is the minimum, actually.
Brian said…
"Just do it," says Nike, circa 1992.

I had the same dilemma a couple months ago, but I still have until next summer to realize my mistake in joining the p/1/2 ranks.
CCC said…
You should definitely upgrade, otherwise all hell will break loose in blogland ;)
gewilli said…
but why?

you don't see any of the other 3s upgrading?

wait till you hit the automatic (35 or something).

Do it at the end of the season... start next year gunning for bear as a Cat 2!!!
josh said…
there is no point to not upgrade. you will learn more and get better by upgrading, racing longer, and racing faster competition.

plus, if you don't we are all going to call you a sandbagger since we now know you could upgrade if you wanted. you will find your tires slashed, cables cut, and other crap like that.

no one likes a sandbagger. no one. don't be that guy.
josh said…
oh yea, we'd prbly stay. at canton, which you wimped out of, pierre and cary doubled and did the elite race. we all stayed to cheer them on.
Colin R said…
no one likes a sandbagger. no one. don't be that guy.

I hope you clicked the link in my last race report, then.
josh said…
I did.

you bitched about him.

do you want us bitching about you?

go onto usac and request your upgrade. its as simple as that. this isn't a tough choice, there is a clear cut, black and white, division here.
gewilli said…
maybe the question to ask is:

How many points does USAC think you have????
Colin R said…
usac? Come on, they don't actually keep track of results, that's why you have to give them a race resume to ask for an upgrade.

there is a clear cut, black and white, division here.

Let's not get overly dramatic here. There are definitely not clear cut rules for upgrading, as much as the points chasers want to pretend there are. If someone had taken the left line on the runup last week, I wouldn't even have 25 points and we wouldn't be here. It's not like I'm going John Peterson on the competition here.

I have points from 4 3/4 races that I'm counting. Each one of these races had around 40 riders -- so if there were 11 cat 4's in ANY of those races, then I shouldn't have gotten any points for it. What's the rule on this? It doesn't even matter since not rider categories are not published.

Anyway, I registered for the 1/2/3 at Lowell on Sunday. I can't request anything until the Putney results are published.

One catch is that the 1/2/3 race isn't going to happen unless 10 people prereg and we only have 3 right now, so come on Cat 3 dudes, sign up for the double or just join me in getting roasted.
Anonymous said…
I'd totally be there with you in the 1/2/3 at Lowelll, but I've got something going on that day . . . what was it? Oh yeah, pounding the crap out of my knees for four hours. We're all in for it at Wrentham, tho - no B race!
Alex said…
I'm inclined to agree with G here, there isn't really any point to bludgeoning yourself senseless in the name of a race... but I just want to say, you give me enough rides to races that you'll at least have one heckler at your races. Because how else will I get home?

Since you have the points now, why not start racing the 123s, but don't do the upgrade thing until the season is over. Why rush? You've had a couple good races, but you're not blowing them apart like Lyne Bessette knocks out the women's A field. That damn sandbagger...
zank said…
I say stay a 3 for the rest of the season. Keep racing the guys you have been racing. Race the 1/2/3 races you feel like racing. The Verge races are 2/3 anyway. 25 is the minimum, as you pointed out. 40 is the automatic upgrade.

G, here is the reason you don't see any of us upgrading. Very few of us have had consistent enough finishes to earn the points.

According to Adam M, in a combine category race, the top riders from each category in that race get points. So take a 2/3 race. Say the cat 2s take the top 5 spots and a cat 3 is 6th. The cat 3 should actually get 1st place upgrade points for being the first cat 3 over the line. That is what he told me at CSI. But all of that is impossible to keep track of because none of the promoters list the rider's category on results.

At this point in the season, everyone is having fun racing the guys who they have been near all year. Why ruin a good thing?
zank said…
Oh yeah, forgot to mention. In the old days, me and my buddies used to stay and watch the A race at every race. We couldn't believe how fast Frank and Mark could go. 12 years later, it's not so much of a surprise. I don't know many of those guys. I cheer for Dan C and the Cambride guys on the off-days I do stay for the A race. So yeah, we leave. We have other sh*t to do. I would rather get there early and cheer for the people I know. The A races are a bit of a snooze for me now.
Colin R said…
In the old days, me and my buddies used to stay and watch the A race at every race. We couldn't believe how fast Frank and Mark could go.

I hear ya Zank. Last year I think I stayed for every single A race just because I was in awe.

Anyway, looks the the A race at Slick Willy might get combined with the B race... and there's no B race at Wrentham... so my only chances for the A race separate from B is Palmer and Easthampton. What the heck.
CTodd said…
I thought it was 21 points to upgrade? They've changed the rules? Or are they different for CX categories?

Anyway - I don't see what the big deal is. If you're a 3 you can race Elites. They are 1/2/3 races. so the point of "upgrading" to a 2 will only block you out of racing 3 or 3/4 races...correct me if I'm wrong here.

And Zank - Adam M may have lot of opinions on racing but is the information you recieved from him written in the rules? And does Diane (the upgrade Czar for New England) follow them?
Colin R said…
Ctodd -- Upgrade rules are here.

I think Diane allows anyone to move up who has a decent argument. IMO, that's the way it should be -- it's not like road where experience is crucial.

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