Hazards of the beer feed

My previous race report mentions "two IF riders" but if you look at the results there is only one IF rider listed. Was I hallucinating that second black and green jersey? Hmm. Perhaps I was. But wait...

From the Cambridge Bikes guys:
Jon Bruno on IF took a beer feed from us mid race which unfortunately led to a DQ. (those officials are hiding out in the trees) Maybe it was the beer mug socks he was rocking that tipped them off.

Funny thing is, I remember coming through with one to go with the IF guys and the offical saying as we rode past, "you two, after the race." Burn.

I for one am glad that the scourge of the beer feed was eradicated! We must be ever vigilant against people having fun while racing bikes.

Preemptive disclaimer: Yes, I realize that you probably aren't allowed to have open containers in Shedd Park and you aren't allowed handups of any kind. And if the right people complained to the city of Lowell, BRC could lose the venue, blah blah blah.


Jordan said…
This is why you should ride with Cambridge next year.
CTodd said…
Having ridden for Boston Velo - a "quazi" CB team back in the day - I'd second that. Great crew there.
Big Bikes said…
Funny, during Gloucester a couple years back when it was part of the Crank Bros. US-frickin'-GP Bruno took a beer feed, Richard Fries announced it,he rode around with a red plastic cup in his mouth, beer frothing out the sides, finished the race, nobody said dick, and this was a UCI C2 event.

One can argue that 'cross is "this" or isn't "that" but you can not argue that beer is not an integral part of 'cross. The Jeniver Apple Liquor I can take or leave.
Anonymous said…
I've read several accounts of overzealous officiating this season, for example disallowing water handups for early season races with temps in the 90s, even though the race isn't UCI sanctioned. At the Louisville USGP event, they wouldn't let a woman in the 3/4 race (i.e. non-USGP, non-UCI) wear Mardis Gras beads.

Is it a clash between the road and mountain cultures?
Colin R said…
Anon - do you have a source for either of those things? I'm not calling you a liar, I'd just be interested to see the original account. I imagine that kind of thing spreads quickly by word of mouth and might get...embellished. I know they *did* allow handups in the hottest race in New England in September.

For what it's worth I hear one of the SMCC guys say he was told he couldn't race with disc brakes in Cat 4 men at Gloucester, which is of course incorrect. Disc brakes are legal is USA Cycling but not UCI.

I don't think it has anything to do with road vs mtb. I think it's more that, with cross's growing popularity, some people want to make it more regulated, so that it's seen as less of a party sport.

Obviously, screw them. Long live the beer feed.

(The was a beer feed for 2/3 men on the runup at Noho... I didn't figure out what the guy was yelling about until it was too late and by the next lap it had been taken :( )
Anonymous said…
The first story I read on the RBR CX forum, the second was related by my wife who rode that race. If it's true that dude wasn't allowed to race cat FOUR with disc brakes, that's another example.

The anti-serious attitude is what attracts a lot of people to the sport (myself included). Obviously, having a safe competitive race is top priority, but beyond that there is room for hyjinks. Dollar premes, beer handups, aggressive heckling, loud cowbells, unconventional kits, let the sport breath.
DYG said…
DQ'd for taking a beer feed? That's harsh. You all should come to Wisconsin, where beer BONG feeds are encouraged:
Big Bikes said…
I just looked myself up on this crazy site called
"Cross Results.com". Apparently I took 27th in the Cub Juniors at the Bay State Verge race. I would have won too if one of the mittens safety pinned to my sleeves hadn't gotten stuck in my spokes.
Colin R said…
dude whoever makes that crossresults.com site is so incompetent that not only did he miss the 2/3 men category separator, he also overloaded his database and can't fix it right now

what a clown
gewilli said…
so that was your safety pin that deflated CTodd's race?
Big Bikes said…
That fact that you've compiled and organized all that data is so far beyond my comprehension, I truly have no clue how you do it, it's like magic to me.

And my CD-R drive doesn't make very good grilled cheese sandwiches, it's fired.
Big Bikes said…
I think C Todd's flat was actually caused by my lady bug safety scissors which fell out of my Dora The Explorer backpack, backpack,
mmm delicioso!

O.K., back to mannying.
Colin R said…
Protip- DVD burners run hotter than CD burners, which leads to better cheese melt and a delightful crispy crust!

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