It's not everyday that someone creates a product that I've been asking for for several years. But WCSN has.

Back in the day I used to spend days downloading bits and pieces of World Cup skiing from Bittorrent, scouring newsgroups to find urls and begging the few people in Europe with TV capture capabilities to grab and post races. This was a ridiculous amount of work just to get crappy copies of Eurosport a week or two after the event.

I said "why is it, in the global, digital world, that no one is making money providing coverage of niche sports on the internet? I would pay hella bills to not have to spend hours getting error-filled vids from Bittorrent."

Well someone started doing it. WCSN. If you read this blog, go to their site, and pay $5 for a one-month subscription. I promise they will cover a sport you like that you will never see on ESPN in the states. You get access to world cup skiing (nordic, alpine), world cup cyclocross, and a host of other non-mainstream sports. The videos are on-demand streaming with very acceptable quality. While I'm typing this on one screen I have the CX World Cup from Tabor running on the other screen.

Did you catch the part where I said it's $5 a month?. Yeah. The price of single day-of entry. I can't imagine why you wouldn't pay for this, unless you don't actually like watching professional sports.

Oh, and there goes Stybar and Nys bunny hopping the barriers again. Dear god that is gutsy at that speed.

As I was saying, you should do this. I wish there was some kind of referral bonus so I could get cash for promoting this, but alas there isn't. So you can be confident that I have only your best interests in mind, blog-reader.

One other thing I noticed, which would have been worth $5 alone -- Frenchman Steve Chainel rides with top mounts. And he's currently sixth in a World Cup race, as I type this. Suck it, haters.


Jess said…
I laughed at that pic because I initially thought it was some sort of cyclocross lolcats.

I can has top mounts?
Unknown said…

On behalf of WCSN, and as a person who craves all things that go fast, I just wanted to thank you personally for this post you put in on Saturday about WCSN's coverage. Please email me at mshupin@wcsn.com, and we'll see what we can do to get you a comp'd account...(although it may compromise your neutrality, haha)...Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon...


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