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Updated: Added two more.
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So, I really want to RACE MORE BIKES. So bad I started poking around the internet to see if there were any road races (!!) that I could do next Sunday. Luckily, the only one I found was at Myles Standish State Forest (but moved to the Charge Pond training series circuit), which sounded boring enough to dissuade me from registering.

Faced with two whole weeks of emptiness looming, I did the next best thing to planning future races -- rehashing past races. Using the internet, because that's what it's there for.

I'll assume that you're here for the same reason, so you might actually appreciate wading into the upcoming sea of links.

Everyone on the planet writes a blog now (and I thought I was late to the bandwagon back in '07!) so there's tons of Hopbrook race reports out there, which is pretty sweet, because I don't remember having much post-MTB-race reading material last year. If you're still reading people's blogs by memorizing URLs and typing them into the address bar, or by clicking links at random, you really need to get with the program and start using an RSS reader, because otherwise there's no way you're gonna be able to read the whole internetosphere efficiently.

Alright, here's a whole slew of internets about Hopbrook. Has it been two weeks yet?? Can I race again? is a new site that appears to be insanely detailed, video-based, mountain bike coverage. I think it's entirely the work of Colt, which makes me wonder how the hell he has that kind of time and what the payoff is, given the lack of advertising on the site. I'm not totally sold on the whole repost people's entire blog entry without asking part of the site, but that's a minor detail. Where else are you gonna get video interviews with Cat 3 racers??

Thom P is already the first thing most of you read any Monday after a race. A link to Google would have been more revolutionary than putting this link here.

The big list of people who wrote race reports:
Cathy Rowell
James Harmon
Matty O
Jonny Bold
Charlie B
Kristen Lukach
Mike Joos
Mike Festa
Sylvain Loize
Cycle Snack
29er crew.
Eastern Bloc Team
Art Roti>
Harold Green
NEBC (6 reports)

If all that INTERNETIN' didn't satiate your mountain bikin' fix, you might want to join me at the NEMBA/Thom's Personality Cult/IBC ride at Cutler Park, this Wednesday at 6pm. Screw doing your taxes!


Mark said…
Hey, nice blog and thanks for the link! Found the connection through my Feedjit. Hop Brook was fun, first race and I can't wait for the next one in two weeks.

The way I read blogs is by following them on my following section, then weed out those that don't post any more. If I want more to read, then I follow their links.

I am going to start following yours.
Kristen said…
i'm honored to have made your blog...i've been reading it all winter! gotta love the net :)
Mark said…
Here is another one for your list:
Art Roti Blog. Art is the President of the CT Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association. I am the Vice President.

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