Needs More Internet!

So I was like "hey, the problem with my life is that I don't have enough websites to worry about."

And then Ryan was all like, "Hey, you should make a roadresults website."

And I was like, "dude, I don't even race on the road, except for that one time we don't talk about."

And he was like, "yeah, BUT THINK OF THE BABES."

So I was like "OH CRAP! BABES!" and then we made

It turns out that by "babes" he meant "masters cyclists," but in his defense, you can barely tell the difference on the internet.

[If you like made-up stats then you'll love the "off the back," "off the front," "field sprint wins," "teammate wins" stuff we did. There's more team-based stuff in the works, so soon, McKittrick will rate us favorably]


solobreak said…
I wish it were still April Fool's day so we could run a story about how Dieter was going to use the race predictor to split the Cat 3 field at Battenkill into a 3a, 3b. Imagine the horror from loss of prestige for those who got relegated.

Although it's really not a bad idea, especially if you get the "teams" feature going. Put the best teams in the top race.

Your consistent service to the community does not go unnoticed. This may be the best $13 I ever spent...
Jordan said…
the amount of whining this will cause by disgruntled amateur road cyclists will be unparalleled. I personally cannot wait to take part.
RMM said…
I appreciate that you took my "teammate win" suggestion seriously (perhaps you had already thought of it)

Also, field sprint results would be good too, as a solo, hour long winning break in a cat 4 race is an indicator of sandbaggage.

Also, Colin, thanks for your service to the cycling community.
Colin R said…
RMM -- I actually hadn't thought of it until you mentioned it. The whole team tracking business that I added was based of your complaint with knowyourrivals :)

And yeah Jordan, it will be a good test to see just how much more uptight roadies are than cx'ers.
G-ride said…
dude, you are OUT of your damn mind. Why dont you just go back to cutting yourself.

And i am SO hot...on the internet.


ps - cross racing masters are relatively, err, chill, believe it or not. Masters road racers? Holy shit dude, look out. And they are all lawyers too, so put everything in Linnea's name right now.

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