Catamount Cyclocross Day 1 Seat Cam

Catamount Cyclocross Day 1 Lap 1 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Day 1 I staged crazy-far up the grid. So far up I was in front of Justin Lindine for a few seconds, check it out! Anyway, this is the final run of the older, shakier seat cam. If you're desperate for footage on a Friday (or Monday), it oughta do the trick.


G-ride said…
god that is unbearable. how did we all watch (and like) that last year?

Man, its gotta suck being a high profile pro rider dude and be on a bad day. Heckling, reverse cheering, the crashing on camera, hell, knowing you are riding behind some d-bag with a camera in your face. Oh the shame, the ignominy.
RMM said…
Colin, are those your brakes squealing?
Colin R said…
Of course not.
rick is! said…
I feel like I've got shaken baby syndrome

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