Gloucester Day 2 Lap 1 Seat Cam

Way too busy to write anything about another incredible weekend of cross, but I do have some seat cam up:

GP Gloucester Day 2 Lap 1 Seat Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.

More to come.


Alex said…
Dude, you need to go faster on the straight bits and the paved bits.
G-ride said…
that thing takes some beautiful footage. you might tap the mount with a hammer to slide it down the rail a touch to angle it down a tiny bit.

Hey, AWESOME! You were on FIAH on that first lap! And I love the stage 37th finish 37th symmetry.
megA said…
is that big WIlly Style in the seat cam?

Unknown said…
that is awesome footage!

what is your seat cam set up?

can you share the specs or are they on double secret probation?

how about a pic of the seat cam?

Unknown said…
Nice clip! I'd be interested to see the camera set up too... there must be some sort of mud flap to keep the lens clear?

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