More Gloucester Seat Cam

Two more laps with the seat cam. Corey Lowe, Wayne Bray, Aroussen Laflamme and Todd Wheelden are the main protagonists on our merry quest not to get lapped. I decided to add some pithy commentary to a few portions of the video... mainly making excuses for why I'm off the bike and blaming other people. It feels good, you should try it!

Gloucester Day 2 Lap 2/3 Seat Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.


G-ride said…
yup, a tiny bit angled down. its perfect for the close up stuff with Wheelden, but maybe high for the distance shots. tap the bracket with a hammer a little. i set it up on the radius of the seat rail.
Anonymous said…
Colin...I know i know i suck...but did you really have to produce photographic evidence :) Anyway, we've race enough that you should know you don't want anything to do with my wheel on anything that isn't paved...

Lead lap baby!...yeah i'm kind of a big deal :)

Colin R said…
Wayne, I realized you've beaten me by ONE place 3 times now in 12 months. The only recourse I have against such abuse is to make fun of your handling skills in my videos.

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