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Full length cross video

Saw this on google video. Full length (1 hour) coverage of a cross race from Belgium -- not sure what level it's at (World Cup?) but these guys are damn fast. Definitely worth a watch.

Lake Pleasant Race Report

Jungle cross!

Ok, so I don't really know what "jungle cross" means, but I think it means any course that isn't some of that out-and-back type stuff in a park. And Lake Pleasant was definitely not in a park. In fact, I don't think there was a single blade of grass involved. As a mountain biker, this is a good thing.

So the course was basically a big 8 minute lap in the woods, with some smoother dirt road sections and some extremely not smooter power line sections. There were two sets of barriers, a bitchin sidehill descent, and a runup back to the finish line. Someone else said it was either a really technical cross course, or a really easy mountain bike course. I still think a cross bike was preferable to a mountain bike here, but the gap wasn't as big as it would be on most courses.

It was a cool, low-key event, with 29 riders in B and cash prizes going 5 deep, with cash dependent on number of entrants. Pretty much blows the Verge series prizes out of t…

I'm the last person in the world without a blog.

And what's more, there's only about 30 other northeast cyclocross racer blogs. So I'm not even remotely original with this!

I think I'll write down what I'm trying to do here, just so I can come back and laugh about it later, when this is a blog about dog shows, and gets 1000 hits a day.

I'm trying to write interesting material about two sports, bike racing and nordic skiing.

I'm trying to write proper freaking English, because I have so much trouble doing it.

I'm trying to only write when I have something to say, instead of blogging about the weather, or my job, or any other thing that is too boring to even tell your friends about, nevermind worth filling bandwidth with.

I'm trying to allude to the affect global warming will have on New England skiing with the name of this blog.

Let's see how long it takes me to screw this up.