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Tennessee State Championship Race Report

Tennessee State Championships Chainstay Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.
I am way behind my 2010 racing pace after missing an ENTIRE weekend of race potential this week. Luckily I have sweet chainstay cam action from Tennessee to give me sweet, sweet content.

After the bigtime UCI race on Saturday, about half the field headed to North Carolina for a different race on Sunday. I stayed with Adam and The Wilcox in Tennessee to race again the next day -- but first, we had to have an ADAM MYERSON PERSONALITY CULT MEETING with the locals, which was awesome, mainly because my table kept buying pitchers and not letting me pay for them.

And then the next morning I felt not so awesome. But! A fake-pro must rally. We had a 2pm start, so it was totally doable.

This is what rallying looks like:
Rallying was not helped by the fact that the course was the EXACT same as Saturday. Clearly down in Tennessee they don't know about the whole run-it-backwards trick for lazy course switchups. It…

Kingsport UCI Race Report

Now that I'm the fake-pro-est person in my life, I can -- no, I am obligated to-- wantonly blow money on chasing the bike racing dream that I've long since given up on. A UCI race in Tennessee in the middle of January, with $180 airfare and transportation/lodging already set up? Who cares that I hung up the bike and started drinking/skiing a month ago, sign me up!

The Wilcox was driving the Pedro's Party Van down for three weeks, so I stashed my bike in there for extra money savings and hopped a plane with Adam Myerson to North Carolina. Dave met us at the airport, whisked us away to some host hosting (did I mention how fake pro I am? Awww yeah), and the next morning it was BIKE RACING TIME. I hadn't taken a race seriously since November, which might've actually been a good thing...

Somehow the race was in a magical snowless bubble, surrounded by white hillsides, with nothing but brown grass on the race course. My disappointment was tempered by the fact that t…

Tuesday Night World Champs

I made my traditional jump back into ski racing before actually having any kind of fitness, just like every year, on Tuesday night. It was my 6th time on skis for the year, but more importantly, my first change to repay ROOMMATE CARY for abusing me all cross season.

I strategically lined up deep in the field, to intentionally miss the front group, and thus not taste my lunch until at least the ten minute mark. And it totally worked! After a few minutes things settled out, my equipment was intact, and all the fast guys were cleanly up the trail. But not Cary.

I caught onto Cary and Luke's group and pretended I wasn't winded by making a joke about it being the washed-up-college-skier group. Then I went to the FRONT because I was so STOKED to be skiing NON-TERRIBLY.

I believe this dispatched Luke. However, someone was very audibly skiing close behind me... one guess who it was.

Jamie Doucett was out on the course blinding people with his flash, but also taking some really n…

Wrentham Bandit Cross

Wrentham Bandit Cross Bar Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.
I recently made the questionable/awesome decision to fly to Tennessee next weekend for EVEN MORE UCI CROSS. Therefore I am putting off the nordic season for another two weeks (yeah, am I even a skier at this point? Not really) and trying to resurrect 60 minutes of race fitness from whatever you want to call the insanity that's been the last two months of my life. Oh, this is going to go SO. WELL.

So in between riding the trainer and trying to relearn how to sleep eight hours a night, I headed to Wrentham for some bandit cross at the old MRC race venue, organized by Gewilli.

It was a snowy morning, which meant that a) getting out of the house was really hard, but b) the riding was actually AWESOME. With shovels and tires we beat in a 4 minute lap into the bumpy and snowy hillside and got to some Euro-style racing in two 20-minute heats.

Myerson and Jerome Townsend were there, but elected to start at the back, so I ended …