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Nationals Road Trip Report

In 2010, Nationals were in Bend, and I had three great reasons not to go:

1) Bend is a plane flight away, and I hate flying with bikes and renting cars and all that crap.
2) My racing age was 29, so the only race I could do at Nats was the Elite Men's race.
3) Nationals was on the same day as THE BEST RACE IN THE WORLD.

Well, wouldn't you know it, all three of these reasons were off the table for the 2011/12 season, so I made the decision waaaay back in September to drive to Nationals in Madison in January, because it would be crazy hardcore snow/ice cross and that sounded RAD.

Through twitter chatter, and Meg/Steve being way too excited, I ended up heading out a week early to race the Chicago Cross Cup New Year's Resolution UCI races before Nats... giving me a four-race cx road trip in January! Awesome?

The tardiness of this blog entry should probably tell you how fast I rode, but that's not to say there was nothing to talk about.

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