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Intelligentsia Cup Race Reports

Like most hypercompetitive amateur athletes, my first reaction to having an injury under control is to start operating like the injury never happened.  So with my IT band finally allowing me to ride 2 hours more or less unencumbered, we're healed!  Time to train ("train") for 2 weeks and then go race four crits in four days!

Last year B2C2 sent a small squad of racers to the Intelligentsia Cup in Chicago, and they came back with glowing reviews, so the Cup had been on my mind as a recovery goal ever since I started having to cross races off my season back in April.  Christin has recently caught the crit bug, so when she was like "this is random, but do you want to go do this race series in Chicago I heard about?" I was like WHY YES IN FACT I DO!

So we descended upon Preston's parents house with the fury of collegiate bike racers and they didn't kick us out after the first day.

(Actually I was only there for the last 4 days, so maybe they did get kicked …