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Yarmouth Clam Festival Race Report

This is the first time I've ever won money racing a road bike, so I figured I should talk about it.

It came a week after the Stewart 6-pack, which went like a worse version of last year:  more mechanicals, more fueling issues, and more poison ivy.  Which is why I don't feel compelled to talk about that.

Yarmouth Clam Fest is billed as the "biggest little race in the world"  if not officially, at least colloquially, as I heard this phrase from multiple bike racers when describing it.  The finish line is right in the middle of a sea of tents, food booths, art booths, and janky carnival rides, so the race becomes just another sideshow at the Festival.  Do the spectators really care about bike racing?  No, but they'll look up from their fried clams once every eight minutes to see a hundred guys ride by (usually sprinting for a prime) at 30 mph.  It works.

The course is effectively dead flat except for the last two minutes, which are very interesting.  You come down a…