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Doing Stuff Non-Race Report

So... ski racing down, rock climbing up, time to blog... down. Sometimes that's just what needs to happen. Time to rectify!

After Craftsbury, I figured the best way to deal with clearly terrible ski fitness would be to bounce outta town the next weekend and go skiing in Colorado. And I don't mean nordic skiing. Thus 36 hours after being at sea level, I was at 11,000 feet at Monarch trying to stuff as much oxygen into my maw as possible while tree skiing. It made me feel like this:

As is required with sports I do, a GoPro was attached to something. I used their industrial-grade adhesive mount to put it on my ski tip. It was totally sweet until it wasn't:

Ski Tip Cam Failure from colin reuter on Vimeo.

The next day I bumped it up another 1500 feet to Loveland where I "shredded the gnar" with my internet friend Nicole for the morning. There was a foot of new snow overnight and no pesky trees requiring me to actually control where I turned, so it was SICK:


Craftsbury Marathon Race Report

I've done a lot of classic marathons over the years. Well, like five. 250k of skiing, I'll call it a lot.

Our good buddy New England winter *usually* makes these a klister-binder affair, because there's some nice transformed ice mixed in with the powder and with hundreds of skiers going through each track, the ice has a way of overcoming the powder.


But I still can't explain why I thought it would be a good idea to use a klister binder. It was Thursday night, I was tired and in a hurry. The tube of KR20 was right there. So I just...did it. And then only brought one pair of (klistered) skis to the race. Because I am not very good at taking ski racing seriously, anymore.

When I woke up to see fresh snow, I realized I might have a problem. When the snow squalls started during the race, I knew I had a problem.

Since I registered day-of (online reg closed 7 days before the race... sneaky) I ended up in wave 2, which had exactly zero fast people in it. And…